Notes from the city


Day 3: 343 words.
(Ouch. A victim of the airline industry.)

I was looking forward to eating persimmons today, but I forgot to take them with me before I left New York City!

Spent a very pleasant weekend, helping B. with schoolwork and churning out bad prose. Struggling a bit to keep pace with the word count, and I suspect that it’ll only get more difficult to sustain that output as the month wears on. Especially alone, and in Seattle. Sigh.

On the bright side, in outline form, Regan’s character and story are solidifying nicely. If I can just get over the need to constantly revise the actual novel-in-progress, it should make for a fun ride.

E! TV just called the O. J. Simpson murders “the crime of the century” in a commercial. Good christ. Then again, this is the network that just renewed The Anna Nicole Show for a second season.

And speaking of abominations, United’s in-flight entertainment has stooped to this level, complete with a Satanic, bald-pated and soul-patched version of Casey Kasem for a host. It was the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen. They ran a feature on Count Basie, who must have been rolling in his grave.

  • Aaron

    I feel your pain from smoothjazztv. I had the misfortune of suffering through it on today's cross-country flight, and I would have gone screaming down the aisle if I weren't bolted in due to turbulence. Who cooks these things up, anyway? I can just see some scheming executive cackling in his corner office: "we've got them trapped in their seats...what evil dreck can we cram down their throats today?!"

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