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Just had to share some of the wonderful, quirky responses to my plea for NaNoWriMo suggestions:

Protagonist falls asleep after eating too much turkey and misses her flight to Ireland.
A haphazardly spilled cup of coffee yields a stain on the tablecloth which is a perfect map of Burkina Faso. The as-yet unmelted sugar cube is where Ouagadougou would be.
The prot. works for a random intelligence agency. The kicker is that the agency is remarkably stingy since the new boss decided to bring some “financial discipline” to the agency. Needless to say, things just go to hell after that.
Have one of the high energy physicists have polysplenia (multiple spleens) or some other condition where they have extra organs. Make the pocket universes be created in those extra organs.
We find out that a character has zemmiphobia when he/she comes face to face with… The Great Mole Rat!
perhaps the novel could contain the moment when the red HAS in the FedEx pickup box’s “Today’s pickup HAS occurred” turns to the green HAS NOT.
man from the bank falls in love with protagonist and writes (with pee) “I love you” in the snow in the wee hours of every morning outside the window of the protagonist.
the inevitable recurring inflatable love sheep in far too many scenes. Perhaps all the minor characters have them or just a few too many of the major characters.

And of course, Nina’s hoping for something resembling Westbound 90. Hee.

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me!

Please don’t be offended if your suggestion wasn’t mentioned, because I love each and every one I’ve read so far. Really! These are only a few of the shorter ones, so as not to overload your browsers. If you haven’t already, you can peruse the full list here.

  • cookie

    Oh oh! Regarding the love sheep, some of the characters who have love sheep should also have velcro gloves as an accessory. You know, for holding onto the sheep. Heehee.

  • yukino

    Throughout November, though I think (for logisticial reasons) that the cutoff will be about ten days before the end.

  • Will you take suggestions throughout NaNoWriMo, or will you close the polls on November 1?

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