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Aromatic manna from the frozen north arrived today into my eager hands, courtesy of Rav. The take, all from Lush: “Breeze on a Sea Air” facial toner (“Made with fresh Hebridean sea water”), Aura Suavis bubblebar (my favorite!), and “Sweet Japanese Girl” facial bar (“Massage and exfoliate your face with this lovely little bar. Wash off and smile.”). The aforementioned enabler extraordinaire came into my office at work last Friday to give me a sample spritz of the toner, and that was all she wrote. I was sold.

What passes for winter in the northwest — bone-chilling rains and oppressive, grey skies — has begun in earnest. The three giant plum trees in the front yard have started shedding their bounty all over the grass, so I’ve been spending a lot of time soaked in the elements trying to clear away the mess. Nothing like an hour spent steeping in warm, fragrant goodness to cure the bad-weather blues.


  • teak

    Lush is great. Whenever I drive up to Toronto, I drop by to restock and de-stress. And it was truly a happy moment when I arrived at a rainy Amsterdam after a delay-plagued trans-Atlantic flight and found a Lush store just a short walk from where I was staying. Was it a mere coincidence that the sun came out soon after I purchased a soap there? I think not.

  • For a moment there, I thought one of my fave shoegazer bands had gotten back together to hawk beauty products.

    What a disturbing thought.

  • So when are they going to come out with scratch 'n' sniff technology for the Web?


  • rosebaby

    Lush is god. Seriously. I can't even tell you how much I spend when I drive to Vancouver.

    They don't make my favorite soap anymore, and I was up there when I found out they were discontinuing it. I called my best friend and told her. She told me to buy all of it that was left. :)

    anyway. my point is also:


    http://waynesword.palomar.e... (scroll down)



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