Collision emotion


Today, I get to whine.

First of all, I’m still sick. All that’s left is the hoarse voice, but since I need to sing tonight, it’s bad news! With five hours left, hopefully a last-minute binge of vitamin C will do something for me.

And then there’s the car accident. Last night, I was driving through a tunnel during rush hour; there was plenty of traffic, but it was moving well enough. Suddenly, a column of brake lights in front of me; I responded only a fraction of a second too late, but it was late enough, and I hit the car in front of me.

Now, I try very hard to be a safe driver. I had a pretty scary accident ten years ago that pretty much sits at the back of my mind every time I get behind the wheel. As a friend of mine says, though, cars just don’t seem to like me; the gallery of misfortune since that last accident includes three break-ins, getting hit by two cars (as a pedestrian), multiple breakdowns… So the bad luck continues.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and the damage to both cars was about as minimal as could be hoped for. Mine probably won’t require any repairs at all.

The really scary part of the evneing occurred a few seconds later. After we had both pulled over and gotten out of our cars, another accident happened in almost the exact same spot ours had, and it was far more catastrophic. My attention was drawn by a loud bang, like a gunshot; apparently the tires of a vehicle (let’s call it Car A) got blown out by debris on the roadway (ah! a possible explanation for the sudden braking that got me into this mess). An instant later, another vehicle (Car B) slammed into the rear of Car A, resulting in what I can only call an explosion of debris in the tunnel. Somewhere in all this another car got involved, bringing the local carnage up to five cars.

All things considered, I was pretty lucky. Nothing like a little perspective to explode into one’s life at the right moment. Thanks to Miranda and B. and everyone else who helped me settle the inevitable jitters.

For now, it’s back to the vitamin C.

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