Thirty pages, day 19


Day 19: messing up with a pen is pretty near irreversible, so today you’re only getting half a picture. Sorry!


I have two theories about what might be happening here. Either the Phoenix entity has taken residence in the body of Cher, or somebody is in a whole lot of trouble. Either way, things are about to get shiny.

This really didn’t start out as more X-Men fan art, I promise — things just kind of happened. Tomorrow I’ll try and mix it up.. And really, I take requests. Especially if it’s a webcomic idea!

  • sjon

    looks like a bad-hair-day to me ... LoL

  • Vanlal

    She has to be seven feet up in the air.

  • Lori

    It does look a bit like a headdress from a RuPaul's Drag Race challenge. I really like how you did the arms :-)

  • Vanlal

    It's quite dramatic.

  • Additional note to self: detail work with a brush pen is hard!

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