Eat Poop You Cat


Eat Poop You Cat, a neat little game with an, um, interesting name. In concept, seems like Telephone or Exquisite Corpse, only crossed with a bit of “React-o-Draw” mixed in.

To quote the rules (from the above site):

Yarr! This be a game whar ye writes a sentence on a piece of paper. Arr. Then ye gives the paper to some other scurvey sod, who draws a picture of the sentence. Tarr! Then they folds ye sentence back and gives the paper to another mangey fish-licker, Who writes his own caption, then he be foldin’ back the picture and the game goes on! Blagarrr! Rarrr!

The game was invented by pirates! Apparently, it’s a good way to while away time that would otherwise be spent contemplating one’s scurvy.

Would like to try and host a game sometime, either standalone or as part of a fun & games session (not sure how the logistics would work out, but I bet it’d be interesting finding out). Looks like my kind of game!

  • tonia

    dude. marshall's crazy cty friends play this, only they call it "telephone pictionary." it's fun, especially if you can't draw to save your life.

  • Nina

    Sounds awesome. Do you want to send out an invite for this at some point in September, in lieu of our regular game then? I think we could all use a change :)

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