eyboard ssues.


Stupd laptop eyboard! thn that the column of eys contangng the letter after h the one after j the number after 7 and the comma has fnally gone aput. t’s about tme ‘d be sendng the thng bac to dell but then ‘d be wthout a computer for sx wees. Maybe t’s tme to buy a new machne (mac?)… but for now guess ‘ll just hoo up an external eyboard.

  • Anonymous

    have the same problem dell cpx. sucs

  • mune

    Me too. but ths s HP's PC. probably same techncal problem exsts. somebody now solutons?

  • Po&aposd

    same damn problem here fuc- ths eyboard. Any1 now of a fx for ths? or am 1 sol?

  • jana

    y stupd dell eyboard snt worng. my whole class s havng problems.

  • Anonymous

    same prblem here!! Dell laptop cpx

  • Tiggah

    Well at least I'm glad to know that I'm not the first with this problem. Freaking laptop...

  • why not?

  • Macs are cute!

    But I could never use one. :|

  • Naksman

    Macmacmac!!! Get the new 17" imac!

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