Boston endgame


Set Theory.

Set One rocked. The space was way too hot. Drummer R. read Robert Frost during the tuning break. Bassist C. avoided embarassment by finding the venue before the show started. “If You Push Me,” “Polish,” “Essence,” all standouts. The band worked like a well-oiled machine. Sixteen-year-old groupies were forced to remain outside, no fkim for them.

Set Two rocked. The space was cooler. No broken G-string would dare dampen the festivities. One candle, that’s your maturity. Nova Scotia is a regular curfew breaker. The west coast will soon bear witness to this, with amazing value-added content! Book today.

Set Three was unexpected. Spooky, moody, bluesy, funky. Both were there, but it was definitely a solo act. The bald mystique paid off this time, at least where bass guitar is concerned. Unfortunately, circumstances dictated an early leave, and the intense craving to own a CD must for now go unsated. It’s not that I missed it, it’s that you can’t buy what doesn’t exist.

The Kendall Band plays again!

K.C., I can’t believe it’s been eight years. You looked great. I’m sorry Maurice couldn’t make it; send Francisco my wishes. Sorry for never calling.

Twice burned.

Apparently Boston is infested by a large number of defective Eva Cassidy CDs, because earlier today I exchanged one for another. Unless high-pitched electronic noise is an intentional part of the recording (my intuition and sound samples from online retailers would indicate otherwise), annoyance will continue.

Two hours and counting…

O how I shall long for a bed and a pillow! Alas, airport to airport to office is my fate. See you on the other side.

Terse style = late night. Poor foresight = no bullet images before Seattle.

Song of the day: The Beautiful South, “Song for Whoever”

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