The ancient art of war at sea


Sat in on a real live recording session today, where I witnessed the boys banging out a rocking version of “Polish.” They seem to have a lot of fun playing together, and it shows in the music that emerged.

The odds-man sez: the show tomorrow will be awesome.

Japanese cuisine and Viking lore collided today when two sushi-laden ships dueled it out on the high seas in a battle for marine supremacy.

The venue: Hana Sushi in Cambridge.

The participants: joev, veej, rmd, the family Kadel-Garcia, claudia_, and me!

Points learned and reinforced include:

  • toro by any color is still tasty.
  • observe gut feelings w.r.t. imitation crab nigiri.
  • mayonnaise can be ignored, given enough mental preparation.
  • freya is building up a massive stockpile of warrior seed somewhere.
  • when in doubt, it’s still probably canada dry.
  • what hits did boston have? no one knows!

I’m sure there’s more, but it’s been buried in a pleasant food coma.

In the war of watch styles, I win.
In the war of watch handedness, I lose.
Confused? Yeah. I’ll lay off now.

In other news…

There’s no such thing as a “safe” trip to a CD store. Today the toll was dear; I am now the owner of (a) a used copy of Eva Cassidy’s Songbird (obligatory backlog-clearer on the recommendations list), (b) 69 Love Songs by the Magnetic Fields (obligatory MP3 retirement plan candidate), and (c) Norah JonesCome Away With Me (obligatory bandwagon pick-of-the-month club featured selection).

  • Hi, I was just surfing around and wondering about the family Kadel-Garcia. Any way I could get in touch with them ?

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