Sibling rivalries


In Boston now (more properly, Cambridge), about to collapse from exhaustion. At least it’s not 90 degrees outside. I heard yesterday was pretty horrible.

First off, I should mention:

Francis Kim is performing at the Kendall Cafe at 8 p.m. this Sunday! Also playing will be Annie Lin. There will be a $5 cover charge. If you happen to be in the Boston area (and reading this), you should check it out; it’ll be great!

And here goes a totally vanilla recap, mostly due to the fact that I’m very tired right now:

I really, really dislike redeye flights! No matter how much sleep you get on the airplane, it’s as if you didn’t get an ounce of rest when you wake up. Then, when you arrive in the morning, you pretty much have to try and survive the entire day awake, otherwise your internal clock will be hopelessly hosed. Worse when you have to make a connection on the way; did a mental inventory on the flight to Washington-Dulles and realized that even though I’ve flown some 40,000 miles, I haven’t actually had a connecting flight since the Egypt trip (November 2000).

Anyways, landed on time (early in fact) at Boston and got picked up by the wonder twins. We navigated through the busy streets of the city, spent some idle time in the Copley area, and then had an excellent breakfast at Johnny’s Luncheonette (between Harvard and Central Squares). How, during four years of living in this city, did I never know this place existed? I mean, it’s right next door to Second Coming Records. Guess it probably has something to do with needing to be up for breakfast in order to eat breakfast. I had what essentially boiled down to a smoked salmon omelette on home fries. Yum!

Slept most of the afternoon away (so much for keeping the bod running smoothly), watched most of the pilot for Monk (enjoyed thoroughly), as well as a good chunk of Absolute Power (far less thrilling, and I’d seen it before). On the other hand, while I slept, fink watched my DVD of Being John Malkovich, so it was kind of appropriate (and a funny coincidence) that “that jewel thief movie” had been on the very same day.

Met fink’s roommates, J. and K., and the five of us went to eat dinner at Jae’s in Inman Square (“Eat at Jae’s and live forever!”). Another place that I never managed to go while living here. It was pretty tasty… don’t know if it lives up to the hype though.

There’s your day in a nutshell. Not sure what tomorrow holds; would like to meet up with some friends in the area, but don’t know how likely that will be, seeing as how I haven’t actually managed to contact anyone yet. Perhaps a trek around the square for old time’s sake.

Right now, though, a moment of silence for the late, great, Brew Moon. Home of the tastiest root beer I’ve ever tasted. Rest in peace.

Song of the day: Shin Seung-hun, “I Believe”
(this is mostly due to Francis, who is sleeping in the next room in front of the film My Sassy girl)

  • yukino

    Wow! Susan!

    That makes sense, I guess. I spent so much time at Second Coming it'd be very surprising if it had been there and I'd never gone in for lunch or something.

    The crunchy french toast, that would have been an evil thing in college. Gotta keep telling myself that it's a good thing it wasn't an option.

  • Susan

    Johnny's may not have opened until after you left town, if that helps any. I'm pretty sure it opened around when I graduated, possibly after.

  • jet

    It's okay to sleep during the day after a red-eye flight or overnight overwater flight, but you should limit it to a 3-4 hour nap. Enough to get your bearings straight for the rest of the day, but also make you dead tired at night so you can fall asleep. That's my new strategy on the eastbound legs of my international flights of late... and it's worked okay so far.

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