A few things before I run off to catch my flight to Boston, of the definite link-farm variety:

Song of the day: Jenny Choi, “August 1”

  • yukino

    It has a fairly nice conclusion, which resolves the question of whether the show will survive or not. Enough open threads left to keep the mind wondering, though. I believe people have even written Sports Night fanfic.

  • worm

    Hey, I loved Sports Night! It was my favorite show. I never saw the end though. Does it have a conclusion, or does it have a cliffhanger ending before the series is cancelled?

  • Your Insatiable One

    Continuing the Alton Brown commentary, there's a review of his new book on slashdot. Seems like an interesting read.

  • yukino

    He is!!! Total Freak. You know what? His website (linked in the entry), once I found it, looks EXACTLY how I would expect it to!

  • Alton Brown...what a freak! I know we've discussed what a wacko he is before, but it never hurts to repeat it because it's TRUE.

  • You should feel lucky. I was supposed to have a lead role in a beautiful lesbian love story at Mae West. It got cancelled because our director was a hack, but if it had actually happened - and you had missed it - you would never have heard the end of it. Count your blessings.

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