A few things before I run off to catch my flight to Boston, of the definite link-farm variety:

Song of the day: Jenny Choi, “August 1”

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  • Alton Brown on DVD! Get yer Good Eats, as released by the Food Network in three volumes. Can Iron Chef be far behind?
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  • More goodness comes in the form of Disney's announcement that the entire run of Sports Night will be released in a DVD box set on November 5. Definitely one of my favorite television shows of all time, though like many others, it was a slowly acquired taste. Yes, folks. It was my fault that the show got cancelled. But it was your fault too.\n[thanks Variety via DavisDVD via Michael W.]
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  • You may remember when stud stopped by Seattle, near the beginning of his cross-country bike trip. Well, he's shortly due to pass through Rugby, ND, the geographical center of North America. Hey, it may not seem like much, but any burg that highlights its high school's robotics team on its web site can't be all bad. My high school didn't have a robotics team! What's up with that?
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  • Mae West Fest! Of course I find out about this only now, when I have tickets to Boston for the weekend. It's annual, though, so there's always next year!
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Song of the day: Jenny Choi, \"August 1\"
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