The mower-gnome visited the house again yesterday. One morning I’m thinking, “wow, this lawn could really use a mow,” and then POW, when I return home everything is neatly cut. Mek didn’t do it. I certainly didn’t. No note, no phone call, no nothing. This is the second time I can recall this happening, and I’m still highly confused. Whoever you are, mower-gnome, thanks, but you’re freaking me out.

Speaking of lawncare, I now own two edgers. The tale of how this happened is an epic of stupidity so huge that it would take twenty bloggers just to tell it. Honestly.

Julia Roberts is on Law & Order right now, chewing up the scenery. Why am I still watching this show? My TiVo mocks me with its “suggestions.” Also on the list: three episodes of Charmed.

In other news, Harrison Ford has the worst Russian accent ever. It may even rival Orson Welles’ Scottish “brogue” from The Lady From Shanghai.

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