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I stopped by Matt’s for lunch, and happened upon today’s issue of the Seattle Times. Plastered across the front page:

“Pamela Reichelt, 14, Miss Mill Creek, seems less than enthusiastic as she takes a bite during the “Beauty Queen Hot Dog Eating Championship in Bellevue yesterday. Reichelt was able to eat three-fourths of one hot dog….”

You can see the full blurb w/picture here.

So good to know that in spite of all that distracting, international intrigue, that folks haven’t lost sight of what truly matters!

  • Jet

    Use Mozilla instead of whatever you're using now, and it will solve all the worlds' ills. Seriously, there are options to disallow poppups, moving of your existing windows, java text in the status bar... everything. It's truly The Browser I've Been Waiting for Since 1993.

  • yukino

    Eep, you're right, there's some evil script on that page that does a bunch of window resizing. If it helps any I've modified the link to pop up into a new window.

  • thismay be just because I have an old OS, but when I opened that link, every browser window I opened subsequently was aligned off the righthand side of my screen and could not be restored to fullsize. maybe it's just me...?

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