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The Digital Bits today reposted an article by J. Michael Straczynski on rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated containing juicy details about a Babylon 5 Season One boxset, to be released this fall. This will mark a milestone to people following DVD news, since B5 is one of the longest-awaited titles for that format. An alternate link includes the delicious information that it’ll be widescreen! Yay!

Am only just getting into the whole Babylon 5 thing; I saw the pilot when it aired back in the Spring of 1993 and then absolutely nothing, until I was forced (by a friend) to watch the Sci-Fi Channel’s most recent full-series runthrough. As anyone familiar with the show can tell you, it’s compelling stuff: a meticulously planned story arc with convincing, evolving characters, political intrigue, and a fascinating mix of science and mysticism. I’m not sure anymore what I ever saw in Star Trek.

Speaking of Star Trek, there’s a review up on Scifi.com of the first soundtrack album for the series Enterprise. Aaron, please call your office.

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