Rip it all up again


Some site redesign today. Still too constrained, too generic, too much left of the default templates to feel like this is me yet.

Doing design work for someone else is always a bigger job than it seems, if only because it never fails to throw me into fits of dissatisfaction with my own work. Invariably, that leads to fretting and constant redesigning.

Whatever, it’s a new beginning! Long-needed changes in neon epiphany’s look & feel (above what’s been done already) should occur in the next week or so. Unless they don’t.

My problem me as far as websites are concerned has been that I’ve always felt like I’m better at expressing myself graphically than with words. So the temptation I’ll have to avoid is that of tinkering endlessly with layout and design and forgetting completely about adding new “meat” to the site — all while making sure that what’s going in is more like filet mignon and less like offal.

With that, I think it’s time to sleep. Here’s a random but interesting link, since we’re talking meat.

  • nina

    Redesign looks great! Personally I don't think you should worry about frequent redesigns since (a) it'll no doubt take you a while to find your right layout, since you are such a visual perfectionist, (b) it's one of the things you're good at, so why cramp your own style. But whatever. Glad you've been updating again.

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