And then it went “Thud.”

I was supposed to drive down to Portland today to visit some old, dear friends, but a late night combined with an inadequately heated house resulted in a pretty miserable day. Most of it was spent sleeping, cocooned in a bundle of blankets. Once in awhile I’d wake up and turn on the TV, catching bits of Iron Chef or the Kevin Costner film, Wyatt Earp. The latter was an appropriate coincidence, watching a man (Doc Holliday) dying of consumption while on the other side of the screen I was coughing my own lungs out (comforting!).

Day one for the blog is similarly bleak. Once upon a time I would have been all over this action, but it appears that my inspiration has atrophied from years of disuse. While I try to figure out a suitable non-rectangular design I’ve stolen some elements from Miranda’s beautifully-designed site. I’m only borrowing, I promise!

Anyways, back to sleep. Late nights do not a healthy blogger make.

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