Cookies & Cream Ice KitKats


Cookies & Cream Ice KitKats

This may be a bit of a cheat. As far as I can tell, these are more or less identical to last year’s Cookies & Cream Petit selection, which we really, really liked. The only difference is that, like Vanilla Ice, these are advertised as being better when frozen — so, like ice cream rather than just cookies.

The truth is — they’re just not. The whole appeal of this flavor is the contrast of textures between the soft white chocolate coating and the dark chocolate cookie bits embedded inside, and that’s totally lost when everything is frozen solid. The whole thing gets unpleasantly difficult to hold, hard to taste, and the texture turns both uncomfortably rigid and weirdly stale-feeling. At room temperature, as mentioned before, they’re delicious.

Incidentally, I just found a package of Cookies & Cream KitKats from the U.K. at Cost Plus(!), and I can tell from the outside of the package that they’re going to be something completely different. Watch for an impending comparison!

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