So I turned thirty-eight. Thirty-eight! When I started this blog, ten years ago, I was firmly twenty-something and it seemed like that would go on forever. Now I can’t help but think I might as well give up and just call myself forty. On the other hand, I’m strongly considering dyeing my hair purple. Is that a midlife thing?

Also, ridiculously awesome boots.

On my birthday, I got carded twice, once at the Pine Box and once at the Hard Rock. So at least I have that going for me.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done the traditional birthday retrospective, but a lot has happened this year. So here goes:

1. I learned to appreciate coffee, after a lifetime of not. Pro tip: telling people this is your goal is like being the girl at the comic store, ca. 1989. Lots of mansplaining, but lots of free, delicious coffee.

2. Sucked it up and got help. Real help.

3. Started a Project 365 and only half-failed.

4. Told the truth to people I cared about, even when it was hard — the hardest — and left me wide open.

5. Started singing again.

6. Saw so many people again for the first time in years.

7. Got smashed into pieces, just a little. (Not just a little.) See #4.

8. Started learning to appreciate beer. See #1.

9. Survived.

There’s a lot hidden in there than I really want to just say out loud, and so much more just on the cusp of happening. Maybe it’s not time to give up just yet. And purple does seem like a nice color.

Love you all.

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    HB :) xxxox

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    Love. Lots and lots of it.

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    Love you too!

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  • I can see you in purple.

  • Many happy returns!

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