Shinshu Apple KitKats



Shinshu Apple KitKats

Continuing the Shinshu tray of the motherlode, we have Shinshu Apple limited edition KitKats. These are the third apple-flavored KitKats I’ve tried, although unfortunately I don’t have detailed notes on the other two so I can’t really compare.

Opening the package, the fragrance is powerfully apple-like. The flavor when biting in is similarly strong, although it takes on a kind of artificiality, like a gala apple that rolled into the uncanny valley. If you’ve ever had a Kasugai apply gummy candy, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The coating is a soft milk chocolate, not overly sweet but distinctly cocoa-flavored, with strong hints of hazelnut. That’s nice.

Overall, I liked it, but it wasn’t one I’ll remember forever. I think a more realistic apple flavor could have taken it over the edge, but it’s worth trying as is.

Oh! I did an accounting the other day and realized these were the 73rd variety of KitKat I’ve tasted. 73! I don’t even know how that happened.

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  • Louis

    Not directly related, but for some reason I thought of you when I found this. :) http://www.gesshoku.org/was...

  • Related enough!

  • Lori Pierce

    It would be interesting to compare the apple ones to each other. Are the other flavors still available?

  • I doubt it, most Japanese flavors seem to be extremely limited editions.

  • Glad to see you're making your way through the motherlode. I'm actually surprised that there were still KitKats left from it. Hope to see more reviews, too!

  • Barely scratched it! Still plenty left.

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