Skillet Diner


Extremely delicious and only slightly perverse at Skillet Diner: veggie burger with bacon jam. So good.

Here’s one of Alicia, possibly experiencing a Whiskey Wednesday induced aneurysm:



Oopsie Daisy

I want to look forward to The Great Gatsby and all, but then I remember Baz Luhrmann is directing and, honestly, the giant animatronic T.J. Eckleburg tromping through the barren landscape of Long Island shooting lasers from his eyes just wasn’t my favorite part of the book.


La belle


Jill at the Sorrento. Seeing old friends is always reviving! Seven years is much, much too long.


Fourteen years

Fourteen years here and I only just subscribed to the company LBGT org’s mailing list. See that color? That’s shame.


He’s creepy, yes

I love Michael Fassbender, but his Rochester really brings the creepy, controlling nature of that character to the fore.

Also, Jane apparently REALLY LOVES KISSING.

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