Thirty pages, day 18


Day 18: More fan art.


In retrospect, this was inevitable, but for a reason I haven’t thought about in more than twenty years. I mean, Phoenix is the reason I wanted to learn how to draw comics in the first place — it was pretty much the second best thing to actually getting to be her. Unbelievably gorgeous, shiny costume, smoldering boyfriend*, phenomenal cosmic power, great death scene — what’s not to want? Or maybe I just had redhead envy.

This drawing isn’t perfect by a long stretch, but I don’t think I would have been able to do this at the beginning of this project (yay for results!!). My goal was to use ink in a more dynamic fashion & play with a pose that’s always given me trouble. Phoenix’s costume is great for practicing different textures and reflectivity, too. It was hard not to be working with color, especially when it was time to do her hair, but I think it works well enough without.

Rough, but getting closer! Maybe if I’m brave enough we’ll visit her at the Hellfire club someday.

*this was before he became a creepy tool in X-Factor. I mean, it’s possible he was always a creepy tool, but don’t tell that to the tween version of me!

If you’re interested, the original pencil version, as well as an experimental colorized version, are below the cut.



  • sjon

    Looks great. Especialy that intense stare ...

  • Good, but I have trouble with the light source(s).

  • A man always checks the boobs for light source and depth. Therefore the most important light source is not front and slightly above.

  • I'll have to pay more attention when boob-lighting from now on. :)

  • pastilla
  • Lori

    light source is front and slightly above, yes?

  • Kind of. But if you look at her lower leg, it doesn't work at all.

  • Lori

    just the upper part

  • Yes. I am very bad at that.

  • I think the colors look amazing.

  • Looks good!

  • Vanlal

    I like the redness of her hair. This is good.

  • lia

    i too was always endlessly jealous of the red hair and the gorgeous shiny costume. phoenix had such great visual design.

  • Yes! Although it is a tossup which color costume I like better. I guess sometimes I'm red, and sometimes I'm green.

  • Vanlal

    This is awesome.

  • skywind8

    This is excellent work. Proportions look completely natural to me, and the drawing itself really pops. It looks professional. Great job!!

  • lori


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