Under wing


Odds & ends, because it’s all I feel up to:

Could tell that Elizabeth: The Golden Age wasn’t exactly to a level with its predecessor, but it was too easy to lose myself in its costuming and set design. Those dresses! (swoon) … sadly, all Clive Owen’s subplots were dead weight, I felt, and I’m pained in saying so as I love Clive Owen dearly.

Alan Moore love fest continues: Top 10 #1 was great, eagerly awaiting book 2; League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #1 a fun read though more of a simple diversion.

<3 Heart Station, as expected.

Officially filled up on $4 gas last week, but too shellshocked to come to terms with it ‘til now.

Didn’t warm to Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Lovett until her final, heartbreaking duet with Toby. Anthony and Johanna? Ugh. Johnny Depp, unsurprisingly, mrowr.

Am not feeling like jumping on GTA IV’s bandwagon with the rest of humanity. Truly, when would I play?


These little guys were hanging out with their mother just outside my building’s rear entrance (am not sure why, but immediately the cover of Beatles For Sale came to mind). They hadn’t been there long, at least not in this state — you could still see eggshells on the ground. Was immediately flush with newfound sense of renewal, and v. timely so… and oh, but they look cosy, don’t they?

Just looking at them made me feel warm, too, and loved.

Thanks for the well-wishes, all. Really, and truly, mean it…

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