Alas, Fork


Apparently, Fork Restaurant in Capitol Hill will be closing this Friday, due to Scott Simpson’s health problems. Which makes me a sad panda, because Fork is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to in Seattle, and still largely unknown barely five months after opening. Enjoyed a wonderful prix fixe dinner there on Valentine’s Day amidst the Shkurkin murals of Russian fairytales*, and having heard from friends of some of the “new American” à la carte fare, such as lobster corn dogs and risotto poppers, I’ve really been looking forward to going back. Unfortunately, it looks like this week or bust; alas, & sic transit gloria.

* fork is in the old Bacchus space but kept its beautiful, historic decor.

  • Sorry to hear about the closure. I have to admit that I first read that it was adorned with shiruken murals. Glad I was wrong.

  • That's sad.. I really enjoyed fork the one time I ate there, and have been meaning to go back.

  • i suppose you've got til friday, but still, yes. very sad.

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