Spending sixteen hour days at work isn’t boding well for the start of NaNoWriMo, but I’ll try to have some amusing story tidbits to post at least some of the time. Thank you all for your story suggestions so far (and please continue to add more, as I’ll be checking back on that thread for the rest of the month). On the bright side, things should ease down on that front after this weekend, so I should have at least three weeks of moderately open time.

In the meantime I’m looking forward to taking a peek at what y’all are writing (yes, I’m looking at you!). You are going to share, right? Save me from work!

TCM has been showing a really thorough Hitchcock retrospective over the last few weeks, and I’ve been recorded a fair chunk of it. So far, I’ve rewatched Shadow of a Doubt (with a nice making-of documentary — so good!) and seen Suspicion for the first time (ugh — Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine in this stinker? Hard to believe, but there you go) On tap: The Trouble with Harry, To Catch a Thief, The Lady Vanishes

In other news, Universal’s finally re-released Vertigo and Psycho in remastered widescreen, but the only way to get them is in an expensive (but otherwise tasty-looking) 14-disc box set. Wah.

Happy Halloween, everyone! What’d you dress up as?

  • terpel

    i dressed up as 1/2 of a childless couple staying home to give candy to all the adorable kids in costumes

    i was rewarded with lots of adorable kids, though. i love this neighborhood! it's the first place we've lived that people aren't too paranoid/childless to let their kids out to get some candy.

    jmost adorable costume: the baby tiger that forgot how to do "down steps" after getting his candy, and had to scoot down on his bum

  • no halloween costume, probably no nanowrimo - am i still allowed to comment here? ;)

    i am presenting an article on i confess (1953) in new york in may. this is my favorite hitchcock film. it's brainy, heady, and thrilling, and absolutely upholds the importance of "the law of silence" (which is its french title). give it a watch. it's awesome. :)

  • Loli

    I didn't dress up, I worked a gate for a fundraiser on Halloween. I did get into four fights (One was with a guy in a chicken suit - aren't drunks endearing?) and now have laryngitis. All in all, a pretty fun night.

  • Vanlal

    We don't celebrate All Hallow's Eve here but this year, Diwali coincided. Up till 2 am losing at cards and setting off fireworks.

  • isn't it bizzarre? since i said i'd do NaNoWriMo i also have found that the rest of the world wants to conspire to stop me doing it by giving me other things to do! grrr!

  • sue

    i dressed up as a girl with a head cold

    i looked very fetching in fluffy pjs and and a wooly hat ;)

    i hope you get time in lieu off at work for all these extra hours

  • I swear, the universe is conspiring against me for NaNoWriMo. Usually, I'm not exactly a social butterfly - starting Nov 1st, *everybody* wants to see me, take me to parties.

    Had I known that writers are that popular, I would've started earlier.

    Not sure if I'm going to share much, though - due to extreme time limits, this is more an unstructured ramble than a novel... We'll see how it shapes up.

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