Many Waters

[Many Waters]
The Crowning of the Blessed Virgin
St. James Cathedral, Seattle

Added more photos to the St. James Cathedral set.

There’s a beauty to spiritual places. I don’t hold to any particular religion anymore, but the cathedral has held a lot of wonder for me recently — a memento of something lost, perhaps, or a desire for centering in an increasingly out-of-control universe?

Not that I’m likely to be taking communion again anytime in the near future, but sometimes it’s awe-inspiring to witness what religion has inspired in countless artists, composers, architects… and at the very base of it, it’s nice to have some place to sit and quietly contemplate the infinite.

  • It's amazing how much great music has been inspired by religion. Think of how much of the fabulous classical music repertoire we'd lose out on if there were no religious inspiration and (maybe more importantly?) patronage.

  • I think I know what you mean, muckdog -- there's a certain strain of misery and menace in a lot of religious art that can be unsettling*, and even more that is treacly and preachy to the point of pain. Still, it's hard to stand in the presence of something like Michelangelo's Pieta and not be moved by the sheer inspiration behind it.

    *however, this seems to make it easier for me to mold them to my preference when I take these photos. Dark moods can be easily transmuted, I think.

  • I don't like the religious art so much, especially the statues and such. Seem kinda creepy.

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