Was supposed to wait until three weeks had passed, but got scared at how high the new lawn was getting, so I rounded down and gave in. Probably a good thing, as my poor, inadequate mower complained and shuddered mightily while eating its way through it all. Ended up covered in wet grass mush ‘til clothing and skin alike were stained bright green, leaving me looking like Margaret Hamilton (what a world, what a world!). Still, what a glorious fragrance, fresh-cut grass. Makes me think summer’s coming for real*!

Oh, and first oil change!

(*apologies to those in Winnipeg)

Trying not to turn on the news anymore. Is there anything happy going on out there?

  • yukino

    I don't live in Boston anymore, you know. Have to drive everywhere out here! 4,200 miles registered already.

  • Ana

    What, oil change already?

  • yukino


  • Loliinspired

    Happy news? My brother & his wife are expecting their first baby, I am not failing any classes, and I have befriended a bunny. Does that help?

    I love the smell of cut grass, too. The green tint is a nice bonus; it makes me look like an elf.

  • Ha! I gave up on news years ago! I've never been happier! And how about this weather we're having! Snow in Winnipeg! Suckers! Ahahahaa!

  • There's snow in Colorado too!

    Happy new lawn! Happy new car! Spring springs new cars! (and dead baby birds in my driveway...)

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