Bend That Jazz


Slowly trying to catch up on the cinema scene in the wake of the Oscars.

Bend It Like Beckham is an adorable film from England about a young Indian girl whose desire to play football (soccer, for those across the pond) clashes with her family’s more traditional wishes. The best thing about the movie is that it succeeds in showing both the humor and the stress of living in an immigrant family without descending into cookie cutter stereotypes or unbelievable farce. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still light comedy, but it’s a ton of fun.

Also, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers! Who would have thought he could be so charming when he’s not playing psychotic? Must be the accent.

Also, on Tuesday, the last three Seattleites who hadn’t seen Chicago finally banded together and did the deed. I wasn’t too familiar with the show before seeing the film, other than having a general distaste for Kander and Ebb (mostly due to Kiss of the Spider Woman, which I thought was terrible), but I really thought the film was excellent. The leads were all terrific — I could even enjoy Richard Gere’s much-maligned vocals, once I got over the bizarro affected accent he uses when he sings — and it was good to see folks like Colm Feore and John C. Reilly in there as well. The real success, though, was the way they integrated the musical numbers into the movie, which I thought was brilliant. I understand that things weren’t done this way in the stage musical, which makes sense, as it’s a very cinematic device. Oh, and those musical numbers! The lighting, the choreography, the staging… Can you tell I’m a closet Broadway buff?

Seriously, though, someone needs to stop me before I break out singing in public again. It’s not doing wonders for my reputation.

  • yukino

    Oddly enough, I did, but only because I recognized her from the cover of Disney's Princess of Thieves, which advertised in loud letters that she had been in *snort* "one of my favorite movies of all time."

  • Jim

    Patti and I saw Bend it this morning. A fun, enjoyable film.

    Did you notice that Keira Knightly (Jules) was in one of your favorite movies of all time? That's right, she played Sabé in Phantom Menace!

  • yukino

    Tiny Fey on the Casablanca remake: "This is the perfect movie for people who liked the original but wished it was terrible."

  • We'll probably be checking out Bend It Like Beckham soon with some of the soccer crew. Glad to hear it didn't suck :)

    I thought Chicago was excellent at blending into and out of the musical numbers. Better than Moulin Rouge in that respect (and others).

    I like musicals, I guess... Once More, With Feeling... was one of the best Buffy episodes ever ;)

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