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Saturday night we saw the Annex Theatre’s Stage Door at the Empty Space in Fremont, which was fabulously entertaining. Definitely see this show if you have the chance; it runs until 13 October.

Watching the play put me into a Kate Hepburn mood, which may seem odd considering that I’ve never seen any of her films. The perfect solution would have been 1937’s Stage Door itself, and enigma’s desire to whip up a gourmet meal for me and lish would have seemed an ideal venue; unfortunately, a quick search revealed to my frustration that the only place to find the flick (not yet on DVD) for rental was Scarecrow Video. A fair trek, and one that’ll have to wait for another day.

In the meantime, the only discs I own that could possibly substitute were The Philadelphia Story (still unseen) and The Hudsucker Proxy (well-loved by me but not a Hepburn film; in it, though, Jennifer Jason Leigh does what from all accounts is a dead-on impression). The Coens won out so it was Hudsucker playing while enigma prepared dinner for three.

Food was a breaded dish reminiscent of chicken piccata, with asparagus and a sweet-hot concoction made with yams and chipotle peppers. So yummy!

Also got to see a few of lish’s private stash of her roles on VHS, including Mass Murder (unsettling! see your friends as serial killers! help!), a documentary, and a short student film by nenie. Payback is fair play, especially after the sharing of the Kung Fu movie and other unmentionable juvenilia.

My back’s been killing me for the last week. I don’t know if I slept the wrong way or RSI’d my left shoulder out of existence, but it’s been a constant annoyance. There are a couple muscles that feel “popped” out of place, one next to my neck and one on my shoulder blade.

The ideal solution to my problems, of course, would be a personalized back repair session by “Magic Hands,” but logistically that would be difficult right now.

My new brilliant idea is superball therapy. Simply put, this is where I attempt to position a jumbo, dead-dot-com superball (snapapplicances.com in da house) directly under my shoulder blade while I sleep.

Yea, darn it, that means this was first appropriate-looking thing I found on my nightstand.

I’m trying it out right now (typing from bed) and it actually feels pretty good. I can roll around a little on top of it and — voila! — instant massage.

Knowing the way I sleep this will probably last all of about a nanosecond after I drift out of consciousness, but it can’t hurt to try, right? Right?

Okay, tomorrow, I’ll look for a real chiropractor. Leave me to my delusions for tonight.

  • cookie

    You'd never seen a Katharine Hepburn movie?! Who are you? :) I didn't particularly like Stage Door, but Philadelphia Story is great. Kristi's favorite is Holiday with Cary Grant (*swoon*).

  • yukino

    Oh, and thanks for the tennis ball tip, I'll give it a go. Besides, Vicodin does bad things to my tummy.

  • Oh, I'm all about Audrey! Did you hear they're making a remake of "Charade"? I saw a TV commercial for it last night, it's called "The Truth About Charlie." Why would one need to remake a Perfect Film?

    As for Kate, I saw the film version of "Stage Door" last night. Very different from the play (surprise, surprise, they got rid of the anti-Hollywood plotline) but good stuff. They sure talked differently in the 30s -- I could barely understand the banter in the Footlights Club.

  • yes, you must watch hepburn movies - kate or audrey. breakfast at tiffany's is still a great movie - not PC but great.

    also, try laying on a hard floor, with a tennis ball under your shoulder. lay there until your muscles relax around the ball, then take the ball out. if it works right, it's magic.

    on the other hand, there's always narcotics ;-)

  • For all my love of Hudsucker Proxy, and for all my love of Kate Hepburn, I never *once* put it together that Ms. Leigh was doing a Hepburn... but you're totally right.

    Thanks for the shared insight. Ah, deeper levels of appreciation. Soon it might be time to hunker down with the iBook someplace isolated and watch that again....

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