Dogs and cats


Thank goodness we don’t have pets.

[17:36] b: stupid
[17:36] b: dog
[17:36] b: i hate all dogs and cats now

You’ll have to cut her some slack. She’s had a bad day.

Specifically, B. got bitten by a dog on the street after work, and had to get rabies shots at the ER because she didn’t know whose dog it was. Four hours in the hospital and three painful shots (with more sessions to come). It was a little bite, from a little dog, but better safe than sorry.

If you’ve got some spare warm wishes today, consider pointing them towards the big apple. They’ll be appreciated.

  • I am so sorry to hear that. NYC dog bits suck!

    But don't go blaming the truly noble creatures, cats, for things that aren't their fault.

  • Oh, B.! Don't hate ALL dogs now. Some of them are still very nice ... like mine. (You can still hate cats, though. That's okay. They probably deserve it.)

  • haglund

    Heh - whenever I get bit by a dog - especially a little one - I make it a point to try to grab it and bring it to the doctor with me. That way, if it's unidentified, it can be destroyed to find out if it had rabies. Luckily for dog owners, this has yet to happen.

    I do beleive the law in Illinois states that if a dog draws blood, it must be destroyed. Been meaning to find out what applies in Texas.

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