Pop! Pop!


The guy in the next office has been spending the last hour popping bubble wrap. I’ve peeked in through his window a few times, and witnessed him doing the following: Typing on his computer, popping bubble wrap. Eating lunch, popping bubble wrap. Talking on the phone, popping bubble wrap. How do you do that without your conversation partner reaching through the handset and strangling you?


Earlier, when I realized exactly what he was doing, it became crystal clear in my mind that this has actually been going on for weeks now. It’s been a constant background rhythm to my workplace existence.


For a second I wondered how a habit like this was sustainable, but then I remembered that there’s a giant roll of bubble wrap mounted on the wall of every mailroom in the complex. So presumably, this could continue for years.


This is like those damned reel change markers in films. Before I knew what they were, they also existed in a world that sat comfortably just beyond my consciousness. Now that I’m on to this bubble wrap thing, I’ll never be able to relax.



  • Ilea

    Man, I wish The Man would pay me to pop bubble wrap...I'm in the wrong racket...I'm in the WRONG racket...

  • Perhaps you should find your own incredibly annoying habit. Maybe you could become one of those pen-clicking people.

    We had a guy in our office that was prone to make frequent and random daffy duck (hoo-oo! hoo-oo!) and airplane noises. It became a big in-joke to everyone on that side of the building and they all started doing it.

  • I love bubble wrap. :)

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