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Ahh, the joys of shopping for a new computer.

My current laptop (Dell Inspiron 3800) has been falling apart for a long time. Half of the keys on the keyboard spontaneously disable themselves for hours at a time. The case has cracked along one of the seams and I now have to be careful about how I carry the thing, lest it undergo sudden and catastrophic mitosis. The newest insult is that it doesn’t always want to turn on; it’s now been powered up for the last 120 hours straight because I’m too afraid to shut it down.

I need to send it in but I don’t really want to deal with life without a computer for the next six weeks. The kicker is that this machine was a warranty replacement for my previous Dell, which was even more of a mess than this one.

Thankfully it’s bonus time and I can do something about this. I’ve been spending most of the day researching notebook computers with the aim of getting something sturdy and fast; a real desktop replacement. Truth be told, that was my goal when I purchased my last computer two years ago, but at the time I was approaching things from a more conservative viewpoint. Having my last computer, a super-fancy top-of-the-line laptop (the first “premium” machine I ever stuck my neck out to buy), stolen in Vancouver within three weeks of purchase was somewhat traumatic for me.

I won’t splurge extravagantly this time, but I’ll definitely aim a little higher than the “buy low to prevent future heartbreak” approach of the year 2000. Currently looking very promising is the Fujitsu Lifebook E7110. I’ll tell you one thing: It won’t be a Dell. Not for a couple years, at least.

Will be sure to update as things proceed.

Picked up a Canon Powershot S200 for B. at buy.com last night. Toys for everyone!

  • Well, I finally am a flesh and blood owner of the 7110, and it's great. Slim and light for its class, with a brilliant screen and zippy performance. The only complaint I have is that the transmitter for the internal wifi adapter is a little weak because it doesn't quite have the range inside my house that the cisco pcmcia card on my old laptop had. I don't know if this is the metal case interfering (a la TiBooks) or if it's just weak in general.

    Course, I have no idea what the T30 is like, so that might not be helpful information.

  • Dusty Trails

    I am trying to talk myself into the Lifebook E7110 over an IBM T30. Have you found a flesh and blood owner of a Fujitsu? None of the tech rags have Actually tested the 7110, and they haven't really rated service of fujitsu, either. Please tell me what your research unearths. I found you thru Google. If you need PC software, macs are Sssslooow. Good hunting!


  • yukino

    I would if Apple were continually upgrading their TiBooks, but they haven't been. Right now the price/performance gap is a little more than I can deal with.

  • Why not just get a PowerBook G4 and a copy of VirtualPC?

  • Congrats on the S200! I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

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