Return of the beast


Special fun & games session in Seattle to celebrate grimm’s visit.

I went to the ______ Kinko’s to buy new blank business card-sized cards and the man there tried to charge me $506.50 for 500 of them (1 box). A dollar a cut! Now, we bought our last box at a Kinko’s (different location) for less than $20, so he was obviously trying to fleece us. But come on! If you’re going to reel someone in, quoting an insane number like that isn’t going to fool anyone. I don’t know what I’m more insulted by: his attempt to scam me, or his ineptness at doing it.

Anyways, that was the beginning of the day. Friends, conversation, a bit of playful frolicking in a playground on a beautiful day, and then — yum! — raw tuna at Chinoise have turned things around quite effectively.

  • g. g.

    Your camera is the best! Usually the pictures are destroyed by how badly my hands shake, but these turned out really clear. And you look good without glasses surrounded by sweet pea blossoms.

  • McClane

    A 40+yo man still working at Kinko's? That's pathetic. The economy must be worse off than I thought. Unless, like you say, he's the manager. I remember those guys typically raking in a minimum of a hundred to a hundred fifty grand a year.

  • yukino

    That might be a good point, except this guy was well over 40 and may have even been a managerial type. He did, in fact, look vaguely like Hitler.

  • McClane

    Kinko's? Hey, my old college workplace! Didn't you ever work at a Kinkos while in college?

    I doubt if the kid was trying to fleece you. He's obviously new and had no clue that there is no way business cards cost that much. Although I've seen titanium or some super lightweight-metallic alloy business cards by employees of GM Nameplate that could've easily cost more than a dollar each.

  • yukino

    Actually, everything there was really small. I think you're seeing the results of clever framing and perspective than anything else. ^_^

  • Is that a playground for big kids, or are you all just masters or perspective? It doesn't look like you're highly disproportionate to the equipment.

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