Out of the frying pan…


Every so often, I’ll be driving up to a freeway entrance and manage to notice, before it’s too late, that it’d be a very bad idea to actually take it. This is what happened to me last night as I was attempting to leave the U District via I-5. Counting my lucky stars, I bypassed the intersection and continued westward.

Fortunately I ran right into state highway 99, the other major north-south thoroughfare into the city, and though I didn’t know the road that well, I got on. I knew it didn’t intersect with I-90 but I was fairly certain I could find my way there with little trouble.

As I drove down highway 99, which was completely clear, I could look over to my left and see the traffic nightmare on I-5 that I’d narrowly escaped. It was quite clear that nothing was going to ruin my night. I had Miyazaki’s Spirited Away DVD (rented from Scarecrow) on my passenger seat and a bellyful of Godiva chocolates. Sakamoto Chika was playing on the stereo, and the Mariners had just beaten the Red Sox 4-3. Drunk with power, I took the first exit when I knew I was in the vicinity of my interstate target…

… and emerged one block north of Safeco Field. Ten minutes after the end of the previously mentioned baseball game. A long cargo train was stalled to the east, blocking all traffic in that direction, with Puget Sound an impassable barrier to the west.

An hour later, I was home. A bit of karmic payback — it always gets you in the end.

  • We would go back to sleep.

  • There's always a better way. Otherwise, there'd be no reason to kick yourself in the head for the obvious bad decision you made, or to rail at the deities for raining on your parade.

    And then what would we do?

  • The question is, was there really a better way, or just varying degrees of bad?

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