Day of suck.


A word to the wise: never declare out loud that a day looks like it might be good, because you could end up like me, with a cut finger, flat tire and a giant death-cloud of anger floating over my head.

My right rear tire blew out as I was driving home, right in the middle of highway 520, and I was forced to pull into the little triangle at the I-405 interchange to replace it. Now, I know how to change a tire (which has saved my behind on a couple occasions), but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to doing so on the shoulder of a freeway at night. Every single car and truck flashing by at 70 mph threatens to move the car a couple inches, which is a harrowing feeling when you’re trying to jack up the vehicle. I spent a couple tearful minutes on the phone venting to friends before I got up the gumption to go outside and start fixing. To make matters worse, it took me ages to find the stupid security lock so I could remove the fourth nut on the tire.

Things turned out okay in the end, which ended up being a half hour later. I didn’t even realize I’d sliced my finger open in the process until I got home and washed the grime off of my hands.

Anyways, home now. Still upset, though just getting inside has done a lot to cool me off.

Agh, I have to buy new tires tomorrow, damn it.

  • I'm happy you made it home ok. :) That which doesn't kill you makes for a heck of an interesting blog entry. Or something. :)

  • Yes! A big double-shot Whiskey Kreme. It'll do you good. And if you dribble, you can just disinfect your finger with it. Plus, it takes care of that pesky "breakfast" problem.

    (I'm glad you got home okay to post this. Yay.)

  • Ouch. That sounds painful. Perhaps you should have KrispyShot(tm) to dull the pain?

  • dip?

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