dream #2002.07.14.01

:: dream #2002.07.14.01 ::

i’m in the lobby of some kind of theater, trying to buy tickets for a new anniversary restoration of disney’s snow white. i’m having a good deal of trouble trying to explain to the ticket lady how many tickets i need to buy, and some miscommunication with the folks i’m supposed to meet to see the film results in my having to readjust the total three times. i’m pretty embarrassed.

however, once i enter the theater itself, it’s clear that there isn’t going to be any movie at all, and i realize i’m at ted williams’ wake. it’s in an enormous octagonal church with many rows of pews, except that seven of the eight walls are stocked, grocery store refrigerator section-like, with frozen food and deli products. there’s all sorts of vacuum-packed versions of dishes you’d find at a real restaruant. a roasted leg of lamb with mustard-green mashed potatoes, floating in plastic. peppercorn strip steak with julienned deep-fried taro root. stuff like that.

oh, and there are bottled beverages too. very strikingly prominent is an orange juice/chardonnay soft drink (ick) and a vast variety of juice drinks with the word “chutney” in the flavor names.

i am not appetized.

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