Chiming in


Valerie and matter eater lad, being sweet, wonderful people, sent me a tin of Chimes Peanut Butter Ginger Chews. The note attached said:

She doesn’t like ginger & I don’t like peanut butter, so we thought of you. (p.s. Ginger Altoids are now widely available in NYC!)

Well, I certainly love ginger (no surprise to anyone), and enjoy peanut butter for the most part, but I’m afraid to say that these are pretty awful. Don’t know if it’s the natural outcome of the pairing or just my mutant sense of taste*, but my mouth got confused and everything ended up tasting like sickly sweet cucumber. The texture is nice (nice amount of chewiness, and not as sticky as chews from The Ginger People, which still make my favorite ginger candy), but the flavor — scary! And it lingers, too.

Which is not meant as a slam on Chimes as a brand — their other two flavors (ooh, peppermint!) look like they’d be plenty yummy and their tins are really, really pretty — but anyone who sees me in Seattle over the next week can probably get a free peanut butter ginger chew, no questions asked.

And thanks for the lovely thought, you two! I still enjoyed them — just not for the taste!

*want more evidence? diet vanilla coke tastes exactly the same way to me!

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