HD Hoff

During the Olympics, Comcast added Universal HD to our channel lineup, giving us the ability to watch curling in glorious high-resolution (is it just me, or is curling so the best winter sport ever?). Only slightly lower on the radar was the fact that someone’s been ponying up the cash to re-master Knight Rider episodes from original film elements so that everyone can get their Hasslehoff fix in HD with surround sound (same goes for Quantum Leap, though Scott Bakula hardly has the same mysterious allure).

Did you hear that, Lia? Hi-def Hoff!

Speaking of curling, season two of Men With Brooms director Paul Gross’ Slings and Arrows has started airing on Sundance. Like most things from Canada (e.g. dill pickle chips, BioWare, & poutine), it is goodness.

Bleah, the weather’s turned bleak again. I want to go take photos!

* sorry…


Men With Brooms

Someday I’ll compile a full report on SIFF 2002, but that day is not today. After missing two weekend films for which I’d already bought tickets (Takashi Miike’s Happiness of the Katakuris and the non-Miike May), I made sure to head out early to catch today’s 4:30 showing of Men With Brooms at the Harvard Exit Theater. It’s a Canadian comedy… about curling.

I watched (out of pure fascination) a lot of the CBC’s coverage of curling during the Salt Lake City Olympics (in fact, I first saw commercials for Men With Brooms during these broadcasts), and, well, I came away completely confused. Now that I’ve seen this film, though, I think I finally have an idea of what’s going on. The movie itself was pretty funny as well; sure, the script was rather painful at parts and hit every sports movie cliche in the book, but there were plenty of real laughs peppered liberally throughout. Best of all, the film takes shots at things an outsider might find ridiculous about curling (and indeed, sports in general), but you never get the feeling that writer/director/star Paul Gross has anything but a deep admiration or affection for the sport. I’d give it 7/10 (probably the highest rating I’d give to any post-Naked Gun film starring Leslie Nielsen). Really entertaining.

After the film, kakumei and I went to Delfino’s at University Village for dinner. Still the best Chicago-style pizza I’ve found in the area. The only, in fact.

Random-but-related factoid of the day: The Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien has a painting in its collection by Breughel the Elder entitled “The Hunters in the Snow,” dated 1565. Suspiciously familiar activity in the background?

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