Thirty pages, day 5


Day 5: Yellow, a yellow flame.


I had a concept in mind for this but it didn’t really come out as I’d intended. Went with all pencils this time, shadow as a main focus. Key learning: it’s much easier to ruin fine facial features irrevocably with a 2B pencil than it is with a 4H, so handle with care! Sadly, one of my silent rules so far has been “no eraser,” so — live by the sword, die by the sword.

Bonus points if you recognize the subject.

Edit: the jacket she has on is his. Draped around her shoulders, empty arms. I need some more time studying the ebb & flow of fabric.

I’ve gotten feedback that this project has resonated with some people, and really, nothing would please me more than to share the experience with others! To that end, I’ve set up a Thirty Pages group blog — if you’d like an account to post your own pages, please drop me a line and I can set one up for you (my email address is on the top-right of this page).

Kindle tomorrow!

  • ... sooo ugly.

  • Lori

    ok, 1- I can tell what it is. 2- I think it's just her eyebrows and mouth are a bit heavy. 3- whatever i come up with today won't be close.

  • I will now christen my pencils "the ugly sticks."

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