Thirty pages, day 3


Day 3: Moving away from Commander Shepard this time:


Idea this time was stylize, stylize, stylize. Started with the concept of ancient Egyptian art, but maybe depicting a Starbucks or something. From that I dialed back a bit, kept the pose and the coffee shop but went back to more of a magazine glossy cartoon vibe.

Tried to go outside my comfort zone a bit more, playing with darker skin & full-page colors. I started out super-stylized which is why her forearm is too long, which I totally regret now, and her outfit is unfortunately influenced by people sharing links to the Cami Secret parody video (nsfw!!) all day. But fauxhawks & studs — well, I love them, and I’ve never drawn either before.

Aside from her arm, I kind of like it! Probably wouldn’t choose these markers again for skin, since they don’t handle overdrawing very well and her face looks a bit scarred because of it. And I so wish I’d scanned in the pencil version this time to compare. Cutting corners!

If you have any ideas for upcoming attempts, I’m taking suggestions!

  • Vanlal

    I couldn't put my finger on it earlier but stylized hair, long limb, fauxhawk; she appears remarkably like Grace Jones.

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