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In a fit of pique, upgraded to Movable Type 5, and I don’t know if anything works anymore. If you wouldn’t mind dipping your toes into the comment stream?

Am feeling quite the drama queen.

Also: all the commenting authentication options (facebook, google, livejournal) — cool, or creepy?

  • Ugh, OpenID annoys me. Had to use three different accounts before it displayed my name correctly. The whole idea feels half-finished.

  • vanlal

    With so many options expect lots of spam. :-P

  • vanlal


  • I wonder if there's a cute little icon for when people comment anonymously?

  • David

    And finally, here's how it looks when I've commented with credentials taken from Facebook.

    All in all, I'd say: Comment from sites that Six Apart has at one time owned.

    Eden, you can delete any/all my comments. I was just exploring.

  • dblume

    Here's how things look when signing in from WordPress.com.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/SB8kSuV

    Whoah, the Yahoo ID thing may not be working correctly. Yikes.

  • I disabled Yahoo!. Yuck!

    And thanks so much!

  • david.blume

    And here's how things will look when signing in from my Google account. No URL, though. Hmm.

  • David

    But if I use my OpenID from LiveJournal, it does acquire the one persona I have there, and display the name David and a link to my LiveJournal. That's good.

    Hmm, why doesn't it work better with myOpenID.com?

    Still, it works pretty good with properties touched by Six Apart!

  • dlma.com

    Yeah, I watched the OpenID authentication process carefully. I wasn't provided the option to specify which persona's info to use. (So that it would call me, "David" and link to my preferred homepage.)

  • *sigh*

  • David

    Ah, it seems to have remembered my TypeKey account info. I'll comment, then log out, and see what it does with OpenID.

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