Consider the noble kiwi


I’ve been meaning to revive neonepiphany.com ever since rescuing it from the evil phishermen, but the thought of trying to bring my Movable Type templates into the twenty-first century is filling me with ennui. Am getting an inkling of what the folks who are just now going “DTV transition what?” are feeling right now. My immediate reaction to this feeling of technological middle age was to run out and acquire some web 2.0 bling — spent far too much time linking up all my various GTwitBookLive accounts together. Seems like the only thing I’m missing now are friends!

In other news, I bought a bottle of St. Germain the other day. There was a man asking after it, which twinged an NPR memory, and ninja-like, I slipped a bottle off the shelf just before he proceeded to load the remainder of the store’s inventory into his basket. Even though I have absolutely no idea what to do with, I felt flush with validation after that.

Elderflower martinis, perhaps?

  • ...also wait a minute, why did this just show up now in my google reader?

  • Sorry! I moved a small second round of entries over from vox and it seems like this one was recent enough to show up in my feed. I may still take you up on that offer! But for now I'm going to try and concentrate on the content rather than the blog design (even though it's five years old now, I know, I know).

  • I understand that building is a lot of the appeal, but if you want to come up with a design on paper/photoshop that you like I can turn it into something real for you.

    Also totally understand the no friends problem.

  • Wordpress is okay so long as you do not try to read the source code and be extremely vigilant with your updates. There is a fairly nice livejournal crossposting plugin available.

  • Alice, is that you-you?

  • Yes, I am still me, more or less.

  • After years of loyalty, when it came time to tweak MT once more, I gave in. Everything I own is on self-hosted WordPress now, in about one-eighth the time it used to take to painstakingly arrange my MT templates.

  • i have now considered the noble kiwi.

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