Oh my god


Oh my god. Alexander Siddig was Julian Bashir on Deep Space 9??

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  • he has the most amazing eyes, and that accent ! **swoon**

    the first season of DS9 he went by "siddiq el fadil," then changed his name to be less obviously arab. evidently hollywood has not become kinder or more ethnically accepting in the years since 1993 ...

  • pylduck

    Perhaps I should watch some of these movies Mr. Siddig is in....

  • ::giggle:: yes, yes he was. And he was excellent at it! :)

    Great actor; very underrated. He was amazing in Syriana.

  • I first noticed him in a rather good episode of MI-5 a.k.a. Spooks, and then in Syriana and Kingdom of Heaven. He's got quite the piercing eyes.

  • pylduck

    Ummm. Yes. Where do you know him from? I was in his fan club when he was on DS9.

  • He certainly did!

  • pastilla

    He improved with age.

  • Yes, he was.

  • ... and also Malcom McDowell's nephew, to boot. Wow.

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