And I said what?


I still have these things on the back burner, you see — our night of oysters and ahi* and gravlax, recent restaurant expeditions for Twenty-Five for $25, a story or two… but I’ve been finding myself immersed in Kameo, of all things**. That and fixing up house, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Whisper of the Heart, and Neko Case’s latest lovely, and… well, you get the idea.

Apparently, I am a

according to this. In case you’ve never noticed, I’m totally, irrationally in love with online personality tests. After all, if the internet didn’t tell me who I am, how would I know? And where would I be without all these labels?

You can take the quiz for yourself, or psych me (I have no idea what that means, but apparently you’ll need this receipt: e859946eaaed). Or, you can avoid the madness altogether. I won’t blame you!

Also, if you’re still here, thanks for sticking around. I mean it.

* haven’t fixed up any photos yet, but this was Miranda’s faux wild ginger tuna bruschetta, which was something close to divine. Thanks!!
** … but I’m done now!

  • Miranda

    glad the tuna turned out well! gladder to see a new entry from you. i'm a respectful visionary: jHFUjvFhQQBMr .

  • I think you just click the link above and then enter that gobbledygook string into the edit box.

  • I'm addicted to online personality tests too! I'm an "animated creator". How do I psych you? The site confuses me.

  • I know! Not being able to find things brings out the worst in me. But Kameo was fun, if short.

  • Alice

    An xbox 360? Ewww. Although I did sell my soul and buy a PSP so I'm not one to talk.

  • chaos

    Considerate Experiencer, apparently.


  • "I wish I could quit you."

    Although it comes from both, I'll attribute that to Norah Jones rather than Brokeback Mountain. :)

  • I'm a Dynamic Creator!

  • fer

    Ooooh, tell us stories!

  • lediva

    I'm a benevolent thinker, it seems.

    Psych me, baby! f3bb4464f1c0

  • Ooooh. Apparently I'm a benevolent creator. Interesting!

    Also, couldn't leave if I wanted to, Yukino!

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