Transplant procedure


And away we go…!

  • Chaos is definitely right… it calls to us, yuki.

    It is always so wonderful to feel the presence of the master.

    I look at this and resonate with valerie's comments. This is the kind of elegance that as we move into Year Four / Year Five of blogging I think we're all sort of gravitating towards. But once again, my dear yuki, you're doing it first, and I daresay in the end we'll find that you've done it best.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, love the placement of the Flickr thumbnails! Everything's really come together in the last couple of days...

  • valerie

    Lovely! A soothing, meditative design... I miss the vibrant colors of your old design, but this is more elegant. Congrats!

  • shadows

    woo hoo! purty.

  • Well, I've got Palatino and any number of fancy fonts, but I still get TNR.

    Maybe cos I'm using the browser that came with my laptop.

  • Aster

    Ooooh. I am in awe. Very nice!

  • I should learn to read before I go commenting - I found the link to test2 in the previous post and see that you have all the kinks worked out there. So ignore my last posting. It's going to look great once the shakedown's done!

  • Very pretty - I like the colors, the fixed background and of course the self-protrait :-) One little nit to pick though - is there a link back to the main page that I'm missing? If there is, I can't seem to find it. Also, I'm seeing a black box that's covering up part of the date header on the post pages. Otherwise, it looks beautiful.

  • Vanlal

    Oh no! I adore this one as well. Glad you worked out the kinks. Someday when I am forced to make my presence felt, I may have to twist your arm a bit. ;-)

  • Kallese

    No ninjas? ;)

    I like it! The images are familiar and it feels gentle to visit...if that makes any sense.

  • I like! Shows up as Verdana here (Safari)

  • Very nice, as always. I already feel the call of redesign getting stronger.

  • No, that's not good. What's a nice fancy font on your machine? No Palatino?

  • Well done! You realised your dream in pixels and it looks great! But it comes up in my browser in Times New Roman, is that right?

  • So you don't like the new one? :(

  • Vanlal

    Oh noes! I loved the old design.

  • sue

    atre we going on a trip?

    can i have the passenger seat pleae :)

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