Subtractive Light


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Blue, a blue car.

Appearing as the faintest hint, a premonition, just around the corner. The light is blue, the sky is blue, the world is beautiful, idyllic. No need to see the blue car, but it’s there, at the edge of my vision, nagging at me. Then, in slow motion, almost inevitably, emerging. A sound of steel against steel, and…

this is not happening.

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  • I have read it several times. With months in between.

    And by the time I reach yellow, I shiver. Every time.

  • yukino

    Thank you so much!

  • Very nice, and very chilling. I read the story, but the excerpt stands on its own. This is my favorite work of yours, Yukino.

  • It sent shivers down my spine... beautiful in a sad way. Makes me not want to let Naomi near a car ever, for some reason.

  • Amazing.

    Still catching my breath. Reading it, I felt like I was tumbling, falling...from color to color to color. It felt like I took about 15 seconds to read the whole thing, so I went back and read it again. Same thing. But I didn't miss a word.


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