Threw a bit of a belated birthday dinner for a dear friend tonight, but sadly appear to have come down with a touch of food poisoning somewhere among the cake and raw oysters. So far tonight it’s been very unhappy, nor will I probably have an enjoyable Wednesday, but here’s hoping for the best…

Take a look at the amazing Buddhabrot gallery at Jared Tarbell’s complexification.net. What I wouldn’t give for a full-size wall poster!

And elsewhere, Paul (a.k.a. metameat.net) has unwittingly set Bach’s Kaffee-kantate running rampant through both stereo and head. Turnabout is fair play: im Fleisch on Sunday, those pesky badgers went the other way.

  • Loliinspired

    I bet if you ask Jared, he would oblige you. :) /me does healing hands over Yuki's tummy

    Get better soon sweetie!

  • oh no!

    I hope you feel better soon Selv. I need your help keeping people in line!



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