Blown away


Chicago was, for once, a Very Windy City, and more than once I thought that my parents’ house would blow down from the gale. It also meant fun at the airport, as the entire population of the city seemed to be present, waiting to rebook flights that had been cancelled by the windstorm. Mine hadn’t been, but I still had to wriggle through this mass of humanity to get checked in. Once I got through security, it was a completely different story: total ghost town. Glad I got there two hours early, though, because I barely squeaked by in time.

On the other hand, there were lots of thunderstorms, a phenomenon I miss dearly in the northwest. And it’s always good to see family.

Note to self: do not confuse needs with wants. You don’t need a cute & sexy new digital camera. You don’t need a cute & sexy 30GB iPod. You can’t possibly need a cute & sexy new car.

Hmm, this little exercise doesn’t seem to be working too well, because I’m drooling again.

Things are happening at work — portentious, perhaps? — but I don’t think I should talk about them yet. Keep posted.

  • Here's a thunder storm screensaver for those days when you miss the Midwest. I don't know if it's any good, though.

  • Loliinspired

    I have a CD of a thunderstorm. It is really good - just storm & rain, no music. The camera is cute, but I love mine better, the iPod I am begging and cajoling to get for my birthday, and the car gives me a warm uh... feeling. Mraow!

  • crash course

    Buy them all. You know you want to. >:)

  • Might I point out that today only dealnews points out that Dell had the iPod 30gb for $404? Or is that just being cruel and tempting?

  • TheCheerfulOne

    No. Don't Do it. Wait until next week when the news ones come out.

  • teak

    The S400 is a lovely, lovely device. It would look especially nice sitting next to your new iPod playing through all your favorite CD's as you drive up to Vancouver in your 350Z.

    Dude. I'm feeling aesthetically overwhelmed just thinking about it.

    I saw the Z parked on the street in my neighborhood the other day, and believe you me, it's every bit as fetching as they make it out to be.

    Oh, and don't forget to check out the S50 -- 5MP of pixel-perfect goodness enclosed in a striking black brushed metal casing. It's bigger than the S400, but it offers manual control over aperture and shutter speed.

  • Despite many years of separation, the fates have conspired to bring us together. At least in materialism. The camera is very sweet. I am still salivating over the other two. mmm! good! Sexy convertible, a Fat Kreme, and some tunes to make time go by, what else do you need in life.

  • You /do/ need a cute and sexy digital camera. You /do/ need a cute and sexy iPod. You /do/ need a cute and sexy car.

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