O wonderful! I am food! I eat food!


Shucking oysters is about ten times easier given a real, honest-to-goodness shucking knife and with the confidence instilled by protective, steel-meshed gloves. Then again, most things tend to go more easily without the specter of potential impalation and amputation hovering over one’s conscience.

Enjoyed a tasty wine to accompany, Wagner’s Delaware varietal, a gift from Sooch on a recent visit. Very sweet, almost shockingly so, “like Welch’s [white grape juice] with alcohol.” Among the other excesses of what was eventually christened Oyster Night II: wilted spinach salad with warm bacon vinaigrette, bruschetta, grilled lamb chops, roasted rosemary potatoes, dolmades, and orange Jell-O cake.

Completely excessive, and definitely delicious.

Happy Birthday, Jet!

  • If I could live half the live you did, I'd still be twice the richer for it.

  • I must stop reading your food related entries when I am at work - they leave me so hungry!

    Lileks is great, I'd forgotten about that site. :)

  • I wouldn't let a little thing like the possibility of bodily harm stop me from anything.

    (in other news: HERE YOU GO YOUR MAJESTY)

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