Social invalid


Survived the weekend without incident, health-wise, though I had to beg out of a much-anticipated ice skating outing to ensure it. However, when suddenly placed in a number of social situations, I found myself otherwise handicapped, completely and utterly unable to make intelligent conversation. Felt like Bridget Jones at that literary launch party, a completely tragic and disheartening experience, given the fabulous and creative people involved.


I guess I’d take it over debilitating pain, any day, but still. Ack.

  • looser

    you think you are a social invalid wait until you see me

  • mlee

    Aw, life's not just about intelligent conversation... sometimes it's about getting nekkid.

    Seriously though, there's much more to you than just being intellectual (of which this does nothing to diminish others' perceptions I'm certain -- as long as you come back strong at any rate). Trust me.

  • Nina

    Aw, buck up. I know how this feels, for sure, ... but you made *plenty* of intelligent conversation over the weekend, and I should know, I was there for some of it.

  • I've only been reading your blog a short time and now wonder if you have a chronic illness you struggle with, or are the health concerns more random. I hope you are well!

  • freesia

    er. I wasn't very fair. I kinda just threw you to the wolves ... They're my friends, so I forget that they're wolves. (I'm sorry.)

  • The body is the conduit for the mind. When the body suffers, the mind's ability to express itself suffers.

    Welcome to my life.

    It's not whiny, it's a perfectly valid expression of letdown and the coming-to-terms of your body failing your mind.

  • It occurred to a friend of mine the other day that one of the best things a friend can do for another is say "quit whining" every once in a while. So with no further ado...

    Quit whining.

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