Nano: Day 9


You can now read the current work-in-progress on the status page. Your eyes may bleed. I warn you.

The first major switch in perspective gives us some more insight on a major character. It’s fun getting into the head of someone you thought you knew.

The one area where Arianna’s fearlessness did not extend was Regan. In reality, she’d always had a secret crush on her friend, ever since Toronto; so secret, in fact, that it was often a hidden even from her. There was the ghost of it, a phantom which popped into her mind in moments of extreme vulnerability, or the inevitable comparisons whenever she found herself in a relationship with someone else. On that first mission together, she had sensed the vitality that had filled Regan when on assignment, as if a force of nature, the very essence of espionage, had made her its vessel. It was no secret that Arianna loved her job, but Regan was the job.

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